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Ensuring your child’s health is at the core of being the best parent possible. If you live in the South Bay area, turn to Dr. Belinda Milford, Dr. Iris Li, and Dr. Joseph Gali of LG Pediatrics in Los Gatos, California, for your well baby and routine childcare needs. Their expert doctors and friendly staff provide parenting services to teach you how to care for your child and manage their health as they grow into toddlers and teens. Call LG Pediatrics to make an appointment today at (408) 358-2624.

Well Baby and Childcare Q & A

What happens during a regular wellness check?

At a baby or child’s wellness check, the doctors will review any health concerns or recent medical history. Your child’s weight, head circumference, and height – or length – will also be recorded and compared to the standards of other children their age. The doctor will perform a thorough physical exam and discuss any developmental or behavioral questions you may have. Your child receives regular vaccinations to protect against debilitating diseases, too.

How are well-child visits helpful to my child?

Well-child visits can identify problems with development or growth before they can become major health concerns. Scheduled immunizations prevent serious illness. These appointments also serve as a chance to track your child’s growth and development and raise any concerns you might have about behavior or learning.

At LG Pediatrics, the staff seeks to help you raise the healthiest child possible. Come in with any questions about the mental, social, and physical health of your child.

What are developmental or behavioral health concerns?

The physical health of your child, such as weight and heart health, are issues that a pediatrician addresses. But, other concerns, such as potty training, motor development and speech, eating and nutrition, school or social problems, and attention issues are all well within a pediatrician’s scope of practice. Always raise questions with the doctors so you can be sure your child is on track, or to see if they would benefit from medical intervention or guidance.

How often are well child checks scheduled?

When you’re baby is a newborn, wellness checks may be scheduled every few weeks. This extends to every few months and then years as your child ages. The staff at LG Pediatrics will provide you with a schedule of recommended well-baby appointments.

What questions will the doctors ask at well-baby appointments?

The doctors rely on you, the parents, to communicate much about a baby’s growth and development. You may be asked about how well your baby controls her head and whether she can imitate sounds of facial expressions. Other motor skill development milestones, such as rolling over, sitting with or without support, and picking up objects are monitored at specific stages of growth.

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