Pediatric Growth & Development

Pediatric Growth & Development in Los Gatos, CA

As your child grows and develops, they will hit certain milestones and certain challenges. It’s important to talk to your pediatrician to understand where your child should be in their development so that you can understand what to expect from your baby and if there are any issues along the way. Each child develops differently, but there are still ranges that your child should be in as they grow.

When it comes to growth and development, this refers to physical and emotional changes that your child may go through. This could be crawling or smiling for the first time. These are known as developmental milestones and it’s important to be able to understand where your child is with their development and what adjustments they may need to thrive.

While each child moves at their own pace, there are ranges that your child should start hitting these milestones at. Developmental milestones can be categorized into speech and language, dressing skills, fine motor skills, and grooming skills. There are many factors that go into development and it’s important to understand there is a wide range for what healthy means for your child.

As your child develops, your pediatrician will be able to document their milestones and how their overall pediatric development is going. If there are sudden changes or decreases with certain types of development, your pediatrician will take that into account and see if any treatment needs to be done or if there are undiagnosed issues that could be affecting your child.

It is important to know that even if your child isn’t hitting these milestones when you expect them to, that doesn’t mean your child isn’t healthy and happy. Each child moves at their own pace and it’s just important to be able to know where your child is so that you can meet their needs.

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