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Regular physicals ensure your child is on track in terms of health and growth. A lot can change in a year’s time, so these annual exams allow Dr. Belinda Milford, Dr. Iris Li, and Dr. Joseph Gali of LG Pediatrics to monitor changes in your child that could affect their long-term health. If you live in the South Bay area, to make an appointment call their Los Gatos, California office today at (408) 358-2624. 

Physicals Q & A

What happens at a child or adolescent physical exam?

These exams provide a review of your child’s physical and developmental changes. The doctors can monitor growth and, in younger children, motor skills, to make sure your child is developing appropriately.

In addition to height and weight, the doctors check blood pressure, pulse, and temperature. They may also order blood or urine tests. These markers can help the doctors assess the comprehensive health and growth of your child. Your child will also receive any required vaccinations to protect them against life-threatening illnesses, too.

Often, the annual exam is the only time the doctors at LG Pediatrics have to spend with your child. It can be a critical time to address important questions, especially during adolescence, such as those surrounding drinking, drugs, sexual behavior, smoking, and depression.

Are sports physicals and annual physicals the same thing?

Sports physicals and annual physicals both fall under the category of preventive care. The doctors do a physical exam to ensure your child is healthy and, in the case of sports physicals, capable of performing exercise. You can receive a sign-off on required sports physical forms at a regular wellness exam.

If you’ve already had a wellness exam this year but need a form filled out for sports, drop it off at the front desk for later pick up. Allow 6 weeks if your child has ongoing health issues that need rehabilitation before participating in sports.

When should an annual exam be scheduled?

Annual exams, as the name suggests, are scheduled yearly. Many parents choose to have them performed just before the start of school, to ensure their child or teen is up-to-date on vaccinations and ready for the rigors of any sports in the coming year.

Please be sure to schedule your appointment as an annual exam so the staff can block off the right amount of time. This ensures there will be enough time for a thorough examination and for the doctors to address any questions you may have. While the doctors at LG Pediatrics make every effort to see children who are sick on the same day you call, scheduling annual physical exams in advance is advised.

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