Adolescent Health

Adolescent Health in Los Gatos, CA 

There are dramatic changes that occur between the ages of 10 to 19 years old when children shift into adolescence. They aren’t quite adults yet but they aren’t kids anymore, either. Adolescents have unique health needs from children, and here at LG Pediatrics, our pediatricians specialize in providing comprehensive, compassionate, and judgment-free medical care to teens in Los Gatos, CA.

Dr. Belinda Milford, Dr. Iris Li, and Dr. Joseph Gali at LG Pediatrics offer their expertise to South Bay teens. Call the office at (408) 358-2624 to make an appointment.

Adolescence is a Major Stage of Life

There are a lot of psychological, cognitive, social, and physical changes that happen during adolescence that can impact how a teen feels and thinks about themselves and others. For adolescents to remain healthy, they need a pediatrician that they turn to regularly for health care. From substance use and sexual activity to fitness and diet, there are an array of topics that we will cover with your teen to make sure that we are providing the proper care they need to stay healthy and to prevent certain health risks, including:

  • Smoking cessation or avoiding smoking
  • Mental health problems
  • Suicide
  • Unintended pregnancies
  • Car accidents
  • Academic issues
  • Nutritional and weight problems
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Homelessness

Providing Compassionate Adolescent Health Care

We pride ourselves on providing a judgment-free zone where teens can feel comfortable and at ease opening up about any health problems or concerns they may have. We believe that providing a safe and open line of communications helps teens feel more likely to open up and share issues they may have. Sometimes teens may feel embarrassed to talk to their parents, and a doctor may be the only person or first person they open up to. This is why having a pediatrician that your teen trusts are paramount for their health and wellbeing

Adolescent Care Q & A

How often should a teenager visit a doctor?

Annual exams are important to healthy tweens and teens. Young people with chronic conditions may need to come to LG Pediatrics more often.

An adolescent may also come in for special reasons, such as a need for a sports or school physical, acne treatment, illnesses, menstrual irregularities, or sports injuries.

What happens at a well visit for an adolescent?

The doctors at LG Pediatrics check a teen’s vitals, including blood pressure and pulse. The staff makes a note of their height and weight to ensure they’re in a healthy range and not at risk of obesity or high cholesterol.

A teen may also undergo blood tests, to check for anemia or other chronic health problems. Teens may also need booster shots for diseases, including:

  • Meningitis
  • Tetanus
  • Chicken pox

An annual exam is the time to bring up any issues with chronic pain or health questions. This includes knee pain or headaches, common ailments for teens.

What behavioral and social concerns can be addressed at a pediatric visit?

The doctors may also discuss other concerns that might arise for teens, including:

  • Depression
  • Body image
  • Driving safety
  • Substance abuse
  • Unprotected sex
  • Social pressures

With decades of experience, the doctors at LG Pediatrics understand that many of these issues aren’t always easy for teens to discuss. They do communicate to teens that ignoring potential health problems or failing to discuss risky behavior can endanger long-term health and wellbeing. They aren’t there to judge, but to help treat and prevent major – and minor – health crises.

What can I expect at a sports physical?

A sports physical is like an annual exam. The doctors look at your fitness to play and ensure any lingering illnesses or previous injuries are resolved. Make an appointment for a sports physical about 6 weeks in advance of play to make sure you’re ready to join the team.

Is information shared with the doctors confidential?

Any information a teen shares with a doctor is confidential, as long as it isn’t information that puts the teen or another in danger. They can be assured that questions about sexuality and sexual behavior, sexually transmitted diseases, physical development, and other sensitive issues won’t become public knowledge.

Your teen needs to have a pediatrician that they know and trust to turn to for care and to ask important questions about their health and needs. To schedule an evaluation with our Los Gatos, CA pediatricians, call LG Pediatrics at (408) 358-2624 today. 

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