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The skin is a major organ and needs proper care to stay healthy and clear. Dr. Belinda Milford, Dr. Iris Li, and Dr. Joseph Gali can help your child with all types of bumps and rashes that interfere with their comfort and quality of life. Make an appointment at LG Pediatrics in Los Gatos, California, to have your child examined if you have concerns about their skin health, call the office at (408) 358-2624.

Skin Care Q & A

What types of skin conditions warrant a doctor’s visit?

The doctors at LG Pediatrics can help with a range of skin issues. Unexplained rashes, allergic reactions, warts, acne, and eczema are among the most common conditions the staff sees.

The doctors offer cryotherapy to remove warts and treatment for mild to moderate acne. If a dermatological condition is severe enough, you’ll be referred to a dermatologist for specialized treatment.

What is eczema?

Eczema is not just one condition, but a group of conditions. Most eczema is characterized by itchy, inflamed skin that’s reddened and sensitive. It’s caused by a combination of genetics and something in the environment. These irritants differ from child to child, but when they come in contact with it, their immune system reacts with an eczema flare-up.

Eight types of eczema exist:

  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Hand eczema
  • Nummular eczema
  • Lichen simplex chronicus
  • Dyshidrotic eczema
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Stasis dermatitis

What are the symptoms of eczema?

Eczema varies in severity and the symptoms may differ slightly according to the type you have. But, suspect the condition if you have:

  • Severe itching
  • Red, inflamed skin
  • Patches of skin that are dark in color or leathery and rough
  • Dryness and sensitivity
  • Oozing or crusting sores
  • Areas of swelling

How is eczema treated?

Treatment for eczema depends on the age of the child and the severity of flare-ups. Prescription oral and topical medications, immunosuppressants, and over-the-counter remedies may be recommended.

When should a child seek a healthcare provider for acne?

During puberty, a person’s hormone levels rise, triggering the skin glands to make more oil. When this oil mixes with dead cells, pores become clogged and acne forms. Severe acne can lead to scarring and pain. If your child is suffering low self-esteem and has dozens of pimples over large areas of skin, the acne needs treatment beyond over-the-counter medications.

What treatments are available for acne?

Treatment depends on the severity of your child’s acne. Mild acne can be addressed with good hygiene. Recommended care includes daily washing of the face and application of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, which are available in many over-the-counter products.

Severe acne may be treated with similar therapies, but large pimples or cysts may need to be drained by a doctor. Prescription-level gels, creams, and lotions, as well as prescription oral antibiotics and retinoids, may be involved, too.

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