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Much of pediatric care is preventive and anticipatory. Many illnesses are preventable with immunizations. Nutritional deficits are preventable via appropriate dietary counseling, routine assessment of growth, and routine screening tests. Developmental growth and behavioral questions or problems are age-related phenomena which are assessed in an anticipatory manner. Child safety and prevention of accidents are a part of routine counseling. The purpose of routine pediatric (well baby) visits is to attend to these issues.

Many diseases of childhood are not yet preventable and may present as birth defects, chronic ailments or acute illnesses. Childhood diseases as such may be viewed as part of the spectrum of children’s health. My goal is to put the health problem into the perspective of the overall well being of the child and to arrange a decisive, constructive plan of management to maximize the child’s potential, minimize the child’s discomfort, and restore the child to his optimal state of health by appropriate intervention. I recognize that an informed parent is an essential instrument in dealing with the illnesses of childhood and make every effort to educate the parent in regard to the symptoms, course, and treatment of the disease

I have been well educated, trained, and experienced in the care of children, and I seek to provide a level of care which is consistent with that background and the excellent level of care which is standard in this community. I have many fine colleagues in pediatric specialty or surgical fields to whom I refer or of whom I request consultation as the situation arises.

A flexible and understanding approach in matters regarding child rearing, personal beliefs, nutrition, and parental lifestyles is maintained where these do not interfere with the normal development of the child.

I am genuinely concerned and dedicated to the well being of "our children". My aim is to provide "our parents" with an enhanced common sense approach to their child’s health care via education and information and to allow them to enjoy a calm, confident, warm and nurturing role in parenting.

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