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Adventures in Africa


Dr. Milford with her two sisters from Down Under



Providing care at Christian Academy with Norman Banda in Zimbabwe



Taking a break after a long day at the Christian Academy



Say hi to Beretta, our doggy host in Livingstone, Zamibia



Libuya Clinic in Livingstone, named for David Livingstone, the Scottish missionary and explorer



Painting a Zambia schoolhouse. It turns out that we're better doctors than painters.



Open air markets in Livingstone, Zambia. We couldn't find Powell's Candy Store.



We provided home-based care in villages around Livingstone



This goat did not believe that we have a Safari Room in Los Gatos



Babies line up for checkups at the Linda Clinic in Zambia



Meeting new friends on a long walk to provide care to remote villages



Doing checkups for some new friends



After-school care and story time... kids in Africa like Cat in the Hat! Beretta helped us. He's the one with the pink tongue and no school uniform.


Nightlife at the Cafe Zambezi in Livingstone



This lady is not a Detroit Lion. She is an African Lion. She thinks that soccer is called football.



One of these things is not like the others...



Guess which one is the lion...



Watch out for warthogs and monkeys at the Zimbabwe border crossing!



Victoria Falls, named for Queen Victoria, on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia



Relaxing on the Zamebezi River cruise near Victoria Falls



The sisters take a Rhino Walk.. just not too close to the big guys



The giraffe on the top is a cousin of Griff, the tall guy in our Safari Exam Room



On the Chobe Safari, the elephants and impalas needed checkups and flu shots



Unlike Disneyland, the elephants on this river safari were real



It's bath time on the Zambezi... the hippo sings in the shower



Check out the hefflaumps, crocosmiles and peeples



Water buffaloes have hard heads. And elephants have long noses.



There is simply nothing more noble on Earth than the elephant



The sisters with their guide, Daniel



Elephant Valley Lodge in Botswana's Chobe National Park



Relaxing in the Zambezi sun. Apparently, zebras get stripes when they tan.



A Zambezi sunset paints the sky to end a perfect trip
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